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What is
Is a real organization?
How do I join?
Should I send money?
How can I help?
How can I contact you?
Why are you doing this?

  1. What is

  2. For the time being, is a website dedicated to bringing together all the best internet resources for Vergil's Aeneid in one location on the worldwide web.  A number of the "name" websites for Vergil, not to mention Latin, have gone for years without updates.  Quite frustratingly for teachers, students, and the curious, these sites are littered with one dead link after another and give no attention to the newer materials out there.

  3. Is a real organization?

  4. Depends on what you mean.  There is no officially registered organization with tax exempt status, nor is there a Virgilius Clubhouse in Italy for us to fight about.  The site you are visiting is at present the brainchild of one volunteer.  In principle, will serve as the basis of a collaborative effort by Vergil enthusiasts committed to promoting the wider teaching, study, enjoyment, and survival of Vergil's epic.

  5. How do I join?

  6. There is no membership application or fee.  Anyone who sees value either in publishing an up-to-date website of Aeneid resources or in a more long-term contribution in the fourfold goals of the organization is welcome to participate.

  7. Should I send money?

  8. No.  This website is not a scam.  I just want to promote the Aeneid; I don't want your money.

  9. How can I help?

  10. Do you have or know of one or more current websites or webpages relevant to the teaching, study, enjoyment, and survival of the Aeneid?  Can you monitor the sites and pages linked here to keep them up to date?  If so, please contact the site owner with any suggestions or updates.

  11. How can I contact you?
    Let's face it: spam is a problem for everyone.  I'd suggest you contact me via the guest book feature at the top left of this and every page on this site.  Include the suggested links and any pertinent information (why they are important, how to contact you).  I'll look over the information and add as much as I can.  NOTE: Please observe the conditions for use of the guestbook and understand that all postings must be approved before they appear in public.  No offense intended, but simple links lists may be integrated into the site and then deleted from the guestbook.

  12. Why are you doing this?
    Well, it's been a long evolution.  The first couple of times I taught the Aeneid to students, I told them flat out, "Homer is better."  And then I kept teaching Vergil.  With every reading, I have discovered something, a figure of speech or a verbal echo, that I had never noticed before.  The deeper I read, the deeper I find that I can go into the epic, with no end in sight.  At the risk of cliches, if I were to be stranded on that desert island with only five books, the Aeneid (preferably with appropriate dictionaries, commentaries, critical articles, and secondary literature, please) would definitely be one of the five.  Do I still think that Homer is better?  Hm, Homer and Vergil had different goals for doing different things, but, no, I don't think I could say that now.

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Flight of Aeneas

Photo © Tim Abney 2004
Aeneas and Anchises
Ottavio Mosto 1690
Salzburg, Austria