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Every day of the month there is a new quote from the Aeneid.

Ausoniae semper cēdentia retrō arva

Publius Vergilius Maro (70 BC-19 BC) worked on his epic Aeneid for the last eleven years of his life.  Vereor nē haec pagina tot annōs cōnsūmat. I fear the development of this site may take roughly that long.

The goal of this site is to offer the web central clearing house for the Aeneid.  Until that time, I can at least suggest some links to other resources out there that may help those teaching, studying, researching, and enjoying Vergil's epic.

To learn more about the goals of this site, I invite you to visit the FAQs page.

NOTES: apologies to purists about the spelling of the site name.  Name forms with "e" are currently unavailable.

Likewise, please excuse the alteration to the quote that heads this page (3.496-97).  It was necessary to fit the desired context of the page, and with my "Harvard-style" approach to reading and teaching Vergil, I did not wish to omit what may be the saddest sentence of the entire Aeneid.

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